01/01: Intro

A quick hello if you have stumbled upon this page. My name is Adam and I am an architecture student completing a Masters in Architecture at PennDesign. With any luck this blog will be updated daily with small parts of a portfolio of my work, in addition to writings or reflections or photos or drawings. I’m going to start small with just a few links to work that I admire and follow.

First off is http://thefunambulist.net/ which is the work of my friend Leopold Lambert. It is a great body of work touching many aspects of architecture and philosophy, compiled in the recently released series of pamphlets available here: http://punctumbooks.com/titles/funambulist-pamphlets-1-spinoza/ or on amazon.com

Next is http://thearchcompanion.com/ from my friend Alec Higinbotham which is an interesting collection of his reflection on being a recent graduate from architecture school and a recently minted professional.

Chris Gummo has a blog called http://diydc.org/ which has a few tutorials of diy projects.

http://www.alexhogrefe.com/ is an amazing collection of renderings, portfolio work, tutorials which I have not spent enough time looking at.

http://www.alexisellers.com/ shows the great photography of the Rat Patrol Bike Club out in Chicago by Alexis Ellers.

more to come tomorrow…


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