01/04: Ines Table by Enric Miralles

Enric Miralles was a Catalan architect whose projects were defined by (I would argue, perhaps wrongly) a deconstructivist style greatly influenced by an intricate sense of whimsy and whose work spanned many continents and many scales. Arguably best known for the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh and the Mercat Santa Caterina in Barcelona (both with partner Benedetta Tagliabue). He came to lecture at my Alma mater CUArch back in 1998 (way, way before I got there) and tragically passed away in 2000, at the age of 45 due to a brain tumor.  A lecture of his was reworked into book form called Sacred Poems, and if I find my copy of it I will post pieces from it at a later date.

20140325_150910Photos of the table from El Croquis magazine

Photos of the table from El Croquis magazine


Drawing by Enric Miralles

Drawing by Enric Miralles

In 1993 he was commissioned to design a table which he dubbed “Ines Table” (a play on the Spanish word for unstable). It is an amazing piece of furniture, perhaps a collection of many possible pieces of furniture, which offered a total of 16 configurations allowing for access to different parts of the table top. The table had four movable panels, each able to operate independently, each supported by a table leg, each leg able to swivel out of the way to allow the table to transform. My first studio assignment in grad school was an exercise in analysis and representation, requiring an understanding of how the table operated, and what implications those operations had for how the table is used and how it influences the space around it. 

My final analysis formed a 36″ by 72″ Final Board (here at 1/3 size) and can be seen on http://cargocollective.com/studio501/Adam-B-Achrati (if you scroll down to the bottom).

PlanSectionConnection Axon


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