01/18: The Empire Builder

These posts may become reliant on photographs and other peoples words (properly cited) for the next few days as I juggle a few deadlines. The same day I visited Steven Holl’s Chapel of St. Ignatius (see earlier post) I headed down to the train station to grab Amtrak’s Empire Builder headed to Chicago. I had crossed the country by rail earlier via the California Zephyr but this trip represented a number of firsts: first solo trip, first trip over 24 hours, first trip West to East. I would not necessarily recommend any of those three. If you can break up the journey with a day stop somewhere along the way, do it. The train passes through Glacier National Park and a few other scenic destinations. If you can travel with a friend, do it. I was accompanied by the Einstien biography by Walter Isaacson (on mp3). If you can travel East to West, the scenery will become more dramatic as great plains become Rocky Mountains become Cascade forests. My images below are shown chronologically, from West to East, starting in Washington State and ending in Wisconsin.



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