01/21: The CUArchive

This daily blog was intended to allow me to break up the creation of  a portfolio into manageable pieces, and to that end I will show a few projects from my time as an undergraduate student at CUArch in Washington DC (under the guidance of studio critic and Assistant Dean Michelle Rinehart). This first project (entitled simply “News Stand” in this spread from an old portfolio) was located in Pershing Park along Pennsylvania Avenue, two blocks from the White House (see more images here). The massing was a simple box meant to book end the north end of the plaza, operating as a news stand with some internal seating. The main gesture was quite simple: let the structure transform, in this case opening door panels and clerestory panels, to signal to the pedestrian passing a block away that the stand is open for business. Unfortunately I have lost all other documentation of this project, and would have to recreate some of the site analysis and precedent analysis which informed the design.

Urban Folly


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