01/22: Sophomore Year





Two projects from back in sophomore year, fall semester, the first full time studio offered in at CUArch for undergrads. (They have since shuffled around the curriculum so as to offer more studio in the first year. I haven’t seen recent student work but the administration is sticking to that schedule and seem satisfied with results.)

First we have a very nebulous, ‘foundational’ prompt, asking students to take phrases like “nesting”, “layering”, “datum” and arrange a kit of parts of geometrical solids to reflect this theme/organizing principal. I tried to think of the word datum as orientation, looking at how a skewed datum intersects with and influences a very rectilinear (box-like) space. As the project progressed, ideas of entry, path and arrival had to be incorporated into an experience to be had within the space. The glass plane represents an organizing force, orienting the window openings along the exterior. a metal path enters and cuts through the glass, turning, and arriving to a space of reflection, with seating arranged to allow a person to sit and rest, suspended within the glass.



The next project was a religious space to be located in Great Falls, a national park just northwest of Washington, DC. (a brief description can be found on an old portfolio spread, below).



These projects are a bit to old and ill-documented to be part of a new portfolio, so this post might serve as their swan song.


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