01/27: A Place to Sit and Read

As my schedule settles down I hope to put more time into these posts. For now I am running through grad school, starting with a small project intended to analyze a habit or routine.  I chose to document the way I read a book, the way I turned a page. This led, though some arbitrary decision making, to surfaces which implied seating arrangements.

achrati 02_1000achrati 03_oman on surface_1000

When this surface is given some thickness it can become both seat and shelf, a place to read and a place to store books. If the seat is free to rotate like a rocking chair, the weight of the books on the shelves can act as a counterbalance to the weight of a reader. Heavy reference material stored on a shelf behind your shoulder can keep the chair reclined until you decide to flip through that heavy text book. Then, the weight of the book tilts the seat forward for your reading pleasure. In theory.

plan sections_27_1000movement diagrams_1000vessel board-01_1000


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