01/29: Endless Library

A brief note on a project with plenty of potential but one which did not materialize by the time the semester ended.


Achrati Exercise 3 2 Achrati Exercise 3 1

I had wanted to mix part of the movie 2046 (even after watching it 6 times I am not sure what exactly is going on) with a Jorge Luis Borges short story about an endless library (The Library of Babel). Add to this a desire on my part to make a 3D space out of folding a flat page in upon itself (folding and origami are both very interesting but not easily thrown into a partially cooked studio project). Is the endless library the internet? Who knows?

This project still registers as a cautionary tale about intention and planning. Sometimes the question “what am I trying to get out of this?” is stifling and counterproductive, but most often it is a question which demands answering.


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