01/31: Site Analysis

At PennDesign they make an effort to introduce architecture first at the scale of object, furniture then space, with the second studio starting with the scale of the city and working down to the scale of a building. Half a semester is dedicated to studying site analysis and the neighborhood context of the site.

bridge overlook DSCF2816


The site given is a parking lot at the intersection of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, I-95 and Old City. Given all the people passing though the site, I mapped out circulation through the site as potential audiences, perhaps for the billboards currently on site. How does advertisement define the area? Billboards are plentiful, buses bring ads, and websites like yelp! try to document all the local businesses in the area.

achrati analysis


In this way I tried to map the potential audience for a building on the site. Where is it visible from? When and how would people interact with the site?

achrati strategy


In this way a the building could be understood as catering to a captive train audience, a distracted highway audience, bus riders, bikers or pedestrians. The qualities of these modes of transport, especially the speed at which each operates, impacts greatly how a building needs to communicate to the people around it.


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