02/03: Field Trip! and Nakashima (part 2)

With any luck, the field trip to George Nakashima’s workshop (mentioned back on January 2nd) will happen this Saturday. Here is a poor attempt at a promotional flyer:

Nakashima Flyer

**UPDATE**- this trip will be postponed as many people at the Foundation will be out of the country for the next few weeks. February 22nd or March 1st.

Also, a little house keeping. This blog remains a New Years resolution (I can’t remember the last time one of these lasted into February) but I will finally add an “about me” section with a more thorough explanation of the goals and intent for this space (hopefully to be added sometime this week). The only rule I have is one post written each day. These posts should have original work in it, but sometimes that will be in the form of personal writings. Updates of past posts do not count, but substantial elaborations do (how’s that for vague?)


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