02/05: Colombia Transformed

This evening PennDesign had an opening for an exhibit focusing on the works of a few young Colombian (men) architects and examples of their civic works, mostly libraries, some athletic facilities, with an odd Chamber of Commerce building to keep things ideologically mixed. The exhibit, which includes photography, process drawings, video and models, is open until February 17th, is worth a peak and can be found in Upper Gallery at the School of Design (the scary looking building at 34th & Walnut in West Philly). This same exhibit was on display at the Center for Architecture in NYC back in July, and has been on tour in other parts of the country.

The preceding pictures are of the Mercedes School, a project designed by Juan Manuel Pelaez and featured in the exhibit, a school funded by a grant from the local utilities consortium and located in the Belen neighborhood of Medellin and about half a mile from my site from last semester. This building was a mystery to me, without any references by the city government website or any geo-location that I could find. This project looked almost tame as part of an exhibit on avant garde Colombian architecture, but from grainy images via Google Earth it looked exotic and a bit bizarre. Context is everything.

2/12/14 Update. The show is still up, and here are a few photos:

DSCF5383 DSCF5384DSCF5385DSCF5382


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