02/17: Deployable Structures

Deployable structures refer to any type of structure that has at least two sizes and/or configurations. Any tent qualifies, as does an umbrella. These object transform radically from their stored state, as compact as can be to facilitate their transport, and full expanded to provide (in both of these cases) shelter from the elements. As part of a semester long investigation into types forms of deployable structures, a basic “scissors” hinge was constructed to explore how manipulating points of connection can drastically change how these hinges deploy.

scissors hinge

By changing where the center connection is located, these ‘extension arms’ go from a straight extension to curved to folding in on itself. This transformation, as explored here, required the reassembly of the pieces and thus provided a cumbersome process for adjustment.

Adjustable slider tesselation


By incorporating length adjustment into the strut component, larger structures can transform from a uniform deployment, flattening all the way out, to an asymmetrical deployment which results in a partial dome structure.

DSCF4089 DSCF4084


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