02/23: Tying up the reins

In a city as old as Philadelphia there are various clues to be found which illustrate moments or aspects of the cities history. Mostly I notice the decorative metal sheets found near steps and entrances to houses which offer guests the chance to scrape the horseshit off of their boots before entering a home or shop. There are also many examples of places to tie up horses, the parking spots of their day. Often they line the curb of the sidewalk to allow owners to tie up the reins of the horses while letting the animals stand in the street. Yesterday I came across some which were embedded into the brick facade of a building, meaning at one point a century ago the front of the building would often be seen with a row of horses decorating the base of the building. These days the ties (what is the proper term?) serve as bicycle parking. Would this qualify as adaptive reuse? Is this simply reuse?

20140222_221756 20140222_221810


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