03/05: Off To Dhaka

I catch a Megabus to New York in a few hours then make my way to JFK for a flight to Dhaka by way of Dubai. The week started with snow delays, had a last minute trip to DC yesterday to pick up my passport and visa, a mid term exam yesterday and a mid review today, and 16:30 on two flights tomorrow. I’m excited for now, mixed with episodes of delirium. The mid review was a good, if painful deadline to force myself to produce a question, a focus for my week in Dhaka. It still remains a work in progress (crude, only partially finished), but here are the boards.

update mega delta [Converted]achrati megacity

With my focus on electronic waste and recycling I hope to get a sense of informal work environments, extending the life of electronics, worker safety and environmental health. I am struggling to identify where and how design intervenes. Is this a situation best suited for policy initiatives? How much is a western perspective limiting my outlook? (These were two comments made today about my research). While I am traveling these posts will become daily journal entries, sent from Dhaka.


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