03/18: Youth Design Summit

Today I wanted to highlight a special program run out of the SF Bay Area which started a fundraising campaign today. KIDmob is an education and design nonprofit which runs workshops in both the Bay Area and in Haiti. Their focus is on instilling creative and critical thinking skills which are otherwise neglected by traditional educational systems and pedagogy.

Today marks the beginning of a 20 day fundraising campaign to support their Youth Design Summit. All donations cover development costs and tuition for the 24 students who will attend. “Through building familiarity with KIDmob’s process, we have worked hard to establish a common language around design. Our hopes are that this common language will provide a unified framework within which students can effectively work together across varying cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Students from Indian Valley Academy (IVA), The Union School Haiti, and Rebuild Globally’s Youth Apprenticeship program will converge for a week-long intensive workshop. During this week, they will all be working together with a shared goal: to design solutions to address an issue local to each community.” -(from the KIDmob blog)

Any and all interest and support is greatly appreciated. Again, at the very least please check out their Kickstarter page.


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