03/19: Rickshaws

I spent a couple of weeks working as a rickshaw driver in Chicago one summer between semesters in undergrad. A few sketches from that experience:

20140317_143959 20140317_144138 20140317_144051 20140317_144203


During the week in Dhaka, the shear number of rickshaws was astonishing, as was the level to which they were decorated and customized. Each had a unique personality, some easier than others to appreciate.

20140310_050823 20140310_050831 DSCF6079 DSCF6078 DSCF6077 DSCF6080 DSCF6081 DSCF5865 DSCF5866 DSCF5885 DSCF5869 DSCF5886 DSCF5887 DSCF5910


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