03/30: Lincoln Highway



A month ago I drove back to Philly from New Hope, PA by way of US Route 1, the Lincoln Highway. The route went from winding rural road to a brief stretch of I-95 before Route 1 takes you into the long stretch of Northeast Philly. At some point the expressway gives way to Roosevelt Boulevard, seemingly a quarter mile wide with three grassy medians separating 12 lanes of traffic (to clarify, this stretch of road is both the Lincoln Highway and Roosevelt Blvd). This transition from rural to urban is relatively gradual, with shopping malls serving as ever more frequent mile markers, replaced by blocks of rowhouses by the time you pass over Frankford Creek. The density is there, but the expressway traffic patterns interrupting city grid give trip a decidedly suburban feel. The entire Broad St to Schuylkill stretch is on-ramps, overpasses and underpasses. (Photo credits to Jia Kim, map credit to google)

Aquetong to Market 20140301_145735 20140301_145851 20140301_150714 20140301_151611 20140301_151622 20140301_151845 20140301_151847 20140301_152537 20140301_152908 20140301_154033 20140301_154038 20140301_155640 20140301_160303 20140301_160319


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