04/12: Notes

The Slingshot is a daily planner with an anarchist theme citing historical episodes of radical protest or revolution on each day of the year. A friend of mine had one and used it religiously, but I never bothered to track one down for my own use. I did need something that could fit in my pocket, so I took an exacto-knife to a composition notebook and ended up with three planners. I used the first one for a year and half, filling it with random thoughts, obligations, plans, sketches and reminders. It slipped out of my pocket while biking to school, and I mourned its loss. The one I use now is the third (the second lasted a week before I lost that one) and final, very worn but has so far made it to 5 continents and remains just over half full. Hopefully it survives another year and a half of use and abuse.

20140405_200811 20140405_200940 20140405_201045 20140412_222829 20140412_222900 20140412_222955


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