04/16: 501 Reunion

Tonight I had the chance to reconnect with a few classmates and our first grad school studio critic. Our first assignment of grad school, back in Architecture 501, was to set up and present a 10 image slideshow as a means of introducing us to each other. I’ll show my first 5 today and the last 5 tomorrow.

01 chicago

1) The Chicago Federal Center by Mies van der Rohe. This represented the rational and rigid mindset I had when first studying architecture.

02 Plan Iso

2) This hybrid plan/section/isometric view of a meditation space illustrated my interest in drawings able to convey many different points of view.

03 spsd

3) This design/build project represented my introduction to the complete design process, from concept to drawings to construction site.

04 santa caterina

4) A sketch of Miralles/Tagliabue’s Mercat Santa Caterina in Barcelona, representing my love of the city, architect and building.

05 music center

5) The diagram and process work of my favorite project from undergraduate studies.


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