05/09: Finish

Today was my last final review, this time for Orkan Telhan’s Visual Epistemologies class. I’m done! And still exhausted. Here are the remaining slides from my studio presentation from yesterday. I will update this with context and clarifications in the coming days.

Achrati Final Presentation_Page_07 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_08 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_09 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_10 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_11 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_12 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_13 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_14 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_15 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_16 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_17 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_18 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_19 Achrati Final Presentation_Page_20


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