05/11: Coat Rack

I’m trying to keep busy after the let down that comes with final reviews ending. The next few days I will be trying to built a easily assembled coat rack designed for a very narrow hallway. It is a thank you gift for close family friends. I hope to build it out of MDF pieces prepared on a laser cutter (out of convenience; the wood shop at school sells the stuff in 32″ by 18″ sheets ready cut for the laser cutter). I’m hoping to attempt an assembly method shown below, with the very important distinction that I still need to add hooks on which to hang coats. Also, I need to test if the MDF, sold in 1/8″ (.125) inch thickness which may not be strong enough to hold up a few coats. The base will be adjusted to better serve as a shoe rack. The assembly will not be very rigid, so it will be important to distribute loads and contact points along the wall and floor (how to ensure good grip with the floor?) More to come in the next few days.

connections frame one one side elev two two side elev


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