05/17: Co-Stool

I mentioned the student group Co-Lab a few months ago. They are a student group focused on designing and building small scale installations in and around PennDesign and Meyerson Hall. This time last year, in preparation for the 2013 Year End Show, I had the opportunity to design and build a stool to use at the Counter-Intuitive installation in the Meyerson lobby.

DSCF4017 DSCF4016

They honeycomb structure informed the base of the stool, and the seat was modeled after the counter top, made from thin pieces of plywood stacked on end.

DSCF4090 DSCF4093

This structure does not account for any racking or lateral forces, making for a very unstable stool. Subsequent iterations tried to skew the horizontal elements of the base in order to control those lateral forces.

DSCF4127 DSCF4124

Given material constraints, all the pieces were to be milled by a CNC machine from one 4′ by 8′ piece of plywood. For this reason the support elements were designed to nest within one another and save space.

Co Stool 3 Co Stool 1



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