05/26: Remembrance and Memorial

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a Federal holiday dedicated to the memory of armed forces who lost their lives while serving the country. The holiday started out as Decoration Day, to celebrate soldiers killed during the Civil War (both Union and Confederate soldiers). Veterans’ Day, November 11th, began as Armistice day to celebrate the end of The Great War, the war to end all wars (also known as World War One). Going to college in Washington DC involved surprisingly little exploration of museums and monuments and memorials but my favorite is the District of Columbia War Memorial, between the Reflecting Pool and the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. It is dedicated to DC residents who fought in “The Great War” (a clue to the age of the dedication, 1931, before World War Two broke out) and has seen better days. I last visited it back in 2009, before its restoration in 2011. (Photos below from Wikipedia):


While I am glad that the memorial received much needed maintenance, its prior state (slightly ruinous) greatly appealed to me. It was a memorial to stumble upon, not to seek out. The mall still has no national memorial to World War 1, a topic explored a bit here and here.



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