1. Cold Marble

The feel of cool marble under bare feet.

I’m hoping to dust off this blog with daily notes on a list of 250 things an architect should know, according to Michael Sorkin. This exercise is not novel (see original art and posters) but suites me as I am beginning to study for the architecture license exams, noting what the accreditation board expects versus this list. I’m giving myself a daily deadline and a 250 word max (unlikely to be tested often).

“The feel of cool marble…” is a sentimental place to start this list, suggesting the power of physically experiencing a space with materials closely associated with ancient western ruins or luxurious residential spaces. It also raises the issue of thermal conductivity (see this video for a youtube primer), which suggests cold marble would feel colder than sandstone but warmer than metal. As for the value of knowing what cool marble feels like to bare feet, it strikes me as implying architects should 1) live or know people who live with marble flooring or 2) go visit some western european ruins (assuming the aspiring architect can afford the trip). Architecture is incredibly over-represented by rich white men, and starting this list in this way feels like admitting ‘it helps to come from wealth’.


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