52. Big Brother

Where the CCTV cameras are

The CCTV Map project is an attempt to map out the location of all the security cameras in London (though it seemed to start and end in 2012). In 2013 Fast.Co wrote an article about a proposed app SURV which would show users their location vis-a-vis nearby security cameras (spoiler alert – the Kickstarter for SURV was unsuccessful).

 The Overexposed City by Paul Virilio is an essay describing the changing geography of cities defined by security have changed from peripheral city walls to TSA checkpoints at airports and police presence at train and bus stations. The glossary website Atributos Urbanos covers this essay, including the following passage:

“The Overexposed City is also characterized by a certain form of architecture, constructed with highly processed materials and finishes that are polished, shiny, reflecting… The major protagonists are the membranes, skins that no longer respond to the structural and functional logic of the inside of the building, and which have become simple limits that only assume commitments … with the commercialism that prevails in the Overexposed City. In this way, the shape of the city is no longer generated by architecture; it is now generated by a flow of images in permanent evolution, by “processes on physical shapes,” by lines that draw dematerialized profiles to insinuate a city with neither weight nor consistency. This is the Overexposed City, a place where nothing is constant and where everything exists at the same time.”


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