About Me

A quick hello if you have stumbled upon this page. My name is Adam and I am an architecture student completing a Masters in Architecture at PennDesign. With any luck this blog will be updated daily with small parts of a portfolio of my work, in addition to writings or reflections or photos or drawings. This blog is my New Year’s resolution, a daily submission to both help document past work and document the transition from grad school (expected graduation May 19th, but who’s counting) to new member of the job market to employee at an architecture firm (I hope).

I haven’t set many rules for myself, outside of the one submission a day. Any personal thoughts (perhaps not as in depth as an essay but an exploration of thoughts nonetheless) or past design work counts, forming an autobiographical portrait of sorts. I love any opportunity to travel, and I love playing and watching soccer, but I assume mostly the former will make it to this forum. All feedback is welcomed, comments or questions or criticisms.



  1. Hello Adam! can’t believe see your blog here! I’m Lan! I am searching about informal settlements to do an assignment and I found you! Such a surprise! I love your projects and wish a good luck to your work right now~

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