Field Trip!

03/02: Fallingwater

The following is a proposal for a road trip to Beaver Run, PA on March 15th to go visit Fallingwater:

FW_FALL_01 Fallingwater2_l

The first image is from the foundations website, and the second is from an article about the story behind the gift shop built on the grounds. I will leave the general back story of the project to Wikipedia, and focus on logistics for the trip. The trip from Philly is close to 300 miles, depending on the route taken. Guided tours run every half hour until about 4pm, and cost $25 per person.

Google Mapstour times


Travel option A: Pennsylvania Turnpike. 552 miles round trip, $51 in tolls round trip, 4h26 estimated one way duration.  Travel option B: I-95 and I-70. 592 miles round trip, $24 in tolls round trip, 4h50 estimated one way duration and a nice diner along the way.  A car with four people in it could expect $25-35 in travel expense per person depending on route and gas mileage.



03/01: Nakashima Workshop

Finally made it up to the George Nakashima Foundation and Workshop this afternoon for their open house (Saturdays 1-4:30pm). They allow photography on the grounds, but not inside the buildings. Here are some photographs of the buildings and some sketches of the buildings and furniture:

20140301_13440520140301_13442420140301_13474620140301_14435520140301_145003chair elevationgallery sectionknot butterfly detailshowroom isometricshowroom section 

02/03: Field Trip! and Nakashima (part 2)

With any luck, the field trip to George Nakashima’s workshop (mentioned back on January 2nd) will happen this Saturday. Here is a poor attempt at a promotional flyer:

Nakashima Flyer

**UPDATE**- this trip will be postponed as many people at the Foundation will be out of the country for the next few weeks. February 22nd or March 1st.

Also, a little house keeping. This blog remains a New Years resolution (I can’t remember the last time one of these lasted into February) but I will finally add an “about me” section with a more thorough explanation of the goals and intent for this space (hopefully to be added sometime this week). The only rule I have is one post written each day. These posts should have original work in it, but sometimes that will be in the form of personal writings. Updates of past posts do not count, but substantial elaborations do (how’s that for vague?)

01/02: George Nakashima: Woodworker

On occasion I will write about locations and attractions in the Philadelphia area as I attempt to organize field trips out to places like George Nakashima‘s workshop up in New Hope PA. I have been recommended by many people to visit his workshop and I find both his furniture and philosophy to be compelling. I am a big fan of many examples of fine or quirky furniture, including the Ines Table by one of my favorite architects Enric Miralles (more on both him and his table at a later date).  Nakashima’s work seems to focus on the qualities and beauties to be found in a peace of wood, in addition to maintaining respect for the source material (i.e. tree) and properly expressing the craft and means of construction behind any given piece. While some of his work seems to rest heavily on the beauty of the wood used there is much to commend a design which lets that beauty shine to its fullest potential.

Nakashima Butterfly Gate Nakashima Conoid Desk Nakashima Enzo Mirrors

With any luck there will be a small caravan from PennDesign heading to Nakashima’s workshop sometime in the next two months, and anyone in the Philadelphia area is welcome to contact me and join in.

Author’s note- as I get this blog in working order I hope it invites questions and dialogue but for now I’ll just be figuring what all these buttons do. As you can see I used up all my hyperlink privileges on day two.